Monday, July 12, 2010

So Much History...

This morning we left while the

Boston 001

fog was still hanging overhead.  We hated saying goodbye to this great park and to the state of Vermont.  Wow, what a great time we had here.  It is certainly a place we will come back to visit again.

Our trip today took us south on I-89 through New Hampshire where we made a connection with I-93. Traveling on south on I-93 into

Boston 020

Massachusetts  we connected to I-495 and on to Route 2 into Littleton.  A total of 154 miles...not a bad trip at all.

We found our

Boston 102

RV Park without any problem, checked in and was

Boston 030

escorted around and through the trees to

Boston 032

our site.

  It is a great level site, full hook up, but only 30 amp service. However, even with the fridge and running one a/c unit, it is working great for us.  However, this site is only open through Wednesday.  Then, we have to move to a different site.  It will be 50 amp, but it doesn't seem to be quite a level as this one.  Oh, well, guess if we want to stay a week, we have to take it as it is offered.  And, there just aren't many RV Parks in the area.

We settled in, got a bite of lunch, and made a plan.  I know, it was a travel day, but there was too much daylight left to stay around an RV Park...and we are right in the middle of the beginning of our American History.

We decided a good place to start would be the

Boston 044

Minute Man National Park.

After getting my park stamp, we watched a short movie, "The Road To Revolution".  After the movie, we walked part of the

Boston 048

battle road.

  The American Revolution started on 20 miles of winding, hilly terrain that connected a port city to several country towns.   Much of the road today is a busy highway, but the Battle Road still follows generally the same route, passing the sites of the fighting and the buildings that serve of a reminder of the struggle between the British authorities and the people of Massachusetts who were determined to retain their rights as English citizens.  So, in 1775, a war for independence started and lasted for more than eight years.

We relived the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere before stopping in for a visit

Boston 050

at the Hartwell Tavern.  This was the home of Ephraim and Elizabeth Hartwell and their children.  They operated a prosperous farm and tavern and people traveling to and from Boston stopped in to share the latest news.

But, it was here at the

Boston 082

North Bridge that the "Shot heard 'round the world" was fired and it was...

Boston 075

And, it was here, looking into the

Boston 069

Concord River that we reflected on the truths and freedoms on which this United States was built!


  1. I just love history!! Thanks Mark and Dortha!
    Stay safe and enjoy the history!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. It would be a great pleasure and a lifetime memory to be able to visit the park one day. The park makes me feel closer to nature.