Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life is Good...

I can't believe we have been here at Retama almost a month now.  We love it here and stay busy with all sorts of projects and activities.

After the coach house and motor home were cleaned inside, it was time to make the call to Steve II and have them come and


wash the outside.  This is just about the best bargain around town.

Then with everything clean and shiny, it was time to get down to just having fun.  We re-established our weekly Weight Watchers group and started once again attending our weekly meetings.  We also welcomed a few new members from here in the community.  Of, course, we go to the meeting and then head straight to Jason's Deli for lunch.  So, much fun to support each other.

We have also been biking, shopping, swimming, shopping, going to water aerobics, and shopping.

Mark has had he own agenda with projects like


trimming Kathy and Bob's palm tree.

Well, there is fun for the guys too.  They all go to breakfast on Friday mornings and have their own little get together on Thursday afternoons where they solve all the world problems.

And, if he isn't busy with a project, he is down at Niles and Sue's drooling over her new



I guess, if I had to say there was something on his bucket list, he would like to scratch off, it would be to own a Harley.

So, yesterday, Niles came and made arrangements for us to take a trip to the


Harley dealership where he had reserved for us


a trike for the day!

Last night along with Niles and Sue, and Mike and Penny, we took the trikes and went into town for pizza and frozen yogurt.  We had a fun time.

Then, this morning, seven of us loaded up and headed out


for a ride over to South Padre.

We had lunch at


Dirty Al's before heading off


down the island.  It was nice of Sue to let Niles drive her trike

Mike and Penny were the


leaders for the day.

But, soon, it was time to head home and


return the trike to the dealership before the


sun set on a great day.  And...

What a great day it was and what great friends.  Thanks Niles for allowing Mark to be a Harley owner for the day!


  1. Good to hear from you! Love your header photo-one of my favourite flowers!

    Great bike ride. Sounds like you're having an awesome winter so far!

  2. Looks like fun but I would not take you, for a "Harley Girl"!!!!!lol.....

  3. Ah Ha, now your hooked!! Gotta be a Harley Trike under the tree!!! Looks like great fun. We been there and done that.....
    Send those boys up here to wash my Coach, it needs it bad....

  4. Whoohoo!!! Stu is trading in his 2009 HD trike for a 2012 one...he's chomping at the bit but will have to wait till next Friday to pick it up. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Uh, that kinda gets in your blood when you get started on the Harley bit! Its kinda like crack or something, can't leave it alone........

  6. That's exactly how it starts I know I had two Harleys. First a buddy takes you to the Harley dealer, then you actually ride one, and then the next thing you know your signing the papers and wondering how in the hell am I going to explain this to my bride. Yep your hooked for sure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Hey Peter Fonda...whats with the scooter...HE HE I heard you phone never rang? Did Sherri solve your problem? We are headed to Red Bay in January to get some work done on our MH. When we get back we will only have one more year and Sherri can retire!