Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Up, Up, and Away!

Today was a day for Andrew, Lauren, and Zachary, and they chose to go to the Cave of The Winds and do the


Wind Walker Challenge.

They didn't want to waste any time, so, it was on with the


harness, and with a little instruction, they were


off.  It took them all a little while to gain some courage


and get the feel of the course, but, first thing I knew, Lauren


was way up in the air and out over the canyon some 600 feet from the bottom.

Now, the boys were still


being a little


cautious about their footing, and neither one was too anxious about going out over the overhang.  I somehow think they kept avoiding it.  But, not Lauren...every time I looked she was


up and out or


swinging on a rope...she was being a real monkey girl today.  In fact, she told Poppa she wanted him to come to Colorado for the whole summer next year...just so she could come and get her a job here.

Now, I know the boys


had fun


too, but...Lauren is one that got her money's worth of entertainment today.

The little ones were really disappointed that they weren't big enough...oh, excuse me...they weren't tall enough to do the Wind Walker, so we had to settle for taking a tour of the cave.  Not quite as impressive, but they had a good time. This might mean, I have to come back when they grow taller!

This day like all the others was priceless!


  1. We enjoy the zoo there, take the trolley to the very top then take in the zoo on the way down. The kids are growing so fast. Enjoy!

  2. My gosh Lauren has grown so!! I didn't see Mark up there??? What is the deal with him. Sherri and I are not tall enough to do that so I guess we will have to just go to the cave? Have fun and hug all those kids for us. Miss you two and hope to get back together...

    Somewhere in Time

  3. I get butterflies in my stomach and dizzy just looking at the photos!