Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Day In Glacier

This morning we decided to get an early start so we could make it all the way across the Going To The Sun Road.  However, after the rain came through last night, our morning was starting off a little overcast and cool.  But, we loaded up Jim, Ellie, and the fur kids and took off.

We stopped back by McDonald Lake for

Glacier National Park 2009 005

this early morning view of the clouds laying low over the water.

We traveled on and because of the low clouds and the weather being so overcast we didn’t make any other stops until

Glacier National Park 2009 011

we reached the construction zone.  Yes, today, instead of a flagman, they had a red and green light controlling the flow of the traffic.  Since you have to take turns on a one lane road going around the mountain, I hope it doesn’t get hung up!  We waited our turn, but still

Glacier National Park 2009 013

had to proceed with caution.  I thought you only flew threw clouds, I didn’t know I would get high enough to drive through them!  Well, we made it to Logan Pass without any problem and as soon as we rounded the curve, Glacier National Park 2009 029

and the clouds seem to just be lifted away and we caught a glimpse of the sun trying to shine on the side of this hillside.  We also saw

Glacier National Park 2009 031

this beautiful waterfall and

Glacier National Park 2009 044

these wildflowers growing on the mountainside.

Soon we were approaching

Glacier National Park 2009 086

Saint Mary’s Lake.  Wow, how beautiful, and we saw a small

Glacier National Park 2009 095

little island which has been named Lost Goose Island.  I read that it got it’s name from two Canadian Geese that kept coming back here each year.

As we reached the town of Saint Mary, we saw this RV Park that took a little twist on

Glacier National Park 2009 100

tent camping.

We continued to drive on out of town and headed just a few miles down the road to

Glacier National Park 2009 109

enter the park from another direction.  From this entrance we were able to see

Glacier National Park 2009 106

the area that is called Many Glacier.  There is a beautiful lake, lots of hiking, and some lodging.  At the lodging area, you make a u-turn and come back out the same way you drove in.  While we on this drive we caught glimpse

Glacier National Park 2009 112

the river that flows between two lakes, and yet

Glacier National Park 2009 113

another waterfall.

We were now heading back to town, but not before making note that we were only about 12 miles from the Canadian border.  Maybe another day.  Once we were back to Saint Mary, we drove directly to

Glacier National Park 2009 118

this turn off and up the hill to the

Glacier National Park 2009 122

cafe for lunch.  They are advertised as “world famous” and after having their homemade bread, soup, and just a bite of coconut cream pie, I agree to their claim to fame!

Well, it was then time to think about heading back

Glacier National Park 2009 139

across the Going To The Sun Road.  We only stopped a couple of times on the way back…once for

Glacier National Park 2009 052  this picture of some glaciers, and once for

Glacier National Park 2009 135

these two, who seemed to be enjoying everyone out for a Sunday afternoon drive.

Oh, yes, we did stop to see if we could see

Glacier National Park 2009 096

bears.  But today, all we could find were the

Glacier National Park 2009 075

berry bushes that the bears like to eat, but no bears.

We made it on down the mountain and took one last break at

Glacier National Park 2009 149

the gift shop before heading out of the park and home.

Another great day at Glacier comes to an end and I never seem to stop being amazed at the

Glacier National Park 2009 067

beauty and majesty of the mountains.


  1. Absolutely beautiful...of course it does not compare to Tyler's skyline....HE HE. We are exploring East Texas...seeing some places we have not seen before. Keep the pictures coming we love them.

  2. What gorgeous views. The fog is scary if the cliffs aren't visible. Thanks for the great pictures.

  3. Yes, very beautiful indeed.. I can't wait until we have time to do this trip.
    Have fun.

  4. Good Morning... I found your site today and I am adding it to my favorites right away... We are also full timers and have been for 5+ years now... We spent a month at Glacier last year and loved it so much... Your pictures are wonderful and bring back so many memories. We are currently at Hot Springs, AR. Come on over to visit us!

    Have Fun & Safe Travels
    Donna & Ralph