Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Friends and Family

This morning we finished up routine chores.  Ellie was scheduled to have some blood work done, so she left early to get to the lab before breakfast.  She was back almost before we got our eyes open!

Mark worked on some left over laundry from yesterday, while I took care of some things here in the motor home.  With all of these chores done, the four of us decided to go grab some lunch.  We then made a stop by a restaurant supply store where we found a few items we thought we couldn’t live without.  Then it was off to Wal Mart for groceries.

Once we were back to the motor homes, groceries put away, it was time to think about the plan for the evening.  We loaded up theIdaho Falls, ID 001

jeep with the ice chest, watermelon, chips, dips, and

Idaho Falls, ID 002

lawn chairs.  We were headed over to Ellie’s nephew and niece’s

Idaho Falls, ID 004

house.  We had been invited over this evening for a cookout.  Ellie’s sister, Ann, and her husband, Bob, and other family members were to arrive today from Colorado Springs for a visit.  They arrived shortly after we did.  Glad you guys had a safe trip.

We all gathered in the

Idaho Falls, ID 011

back yard where Bill was busy cooking brats and hamburgers.  We were enjoying the food and the outdoors when a big wind came up and caused us

Idaho Falls, ID 007

to have to quickly put away the tents and take the food inside.  It looked as if we were going to get

Idaho Falls, ID 008

wet as well, but the rain stayed away.  We continued our visit outside until it was time to say good night.

Thanks, Bill and Rhonda for the invitation to dinner and for opening up your lovely home.  Thanks Ellie and Jim for including us in your family time.  It was a real treat to get to meet everyone.

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