Sunday, August 2, 2009

Round Two In Jackson Hole, WY

Yesterday we made the move to Idaho Falls to the

Yellowstone 2009 018

Snake River RV Park without any problem.  We were soon settled into our

Yellowstone 2009 019

site.  Jim was worried that we couldn’t get out with the satellite, but there was no problem.  We are set to go for the next several days.

It wasn’t long before

Yellowstone 2009 021

Jim had lunch under control.  He was grilling chicken and mushrooms, while Ellie had made salad, rice with hoppin john, and berry shortcake for dessert.  YUMMY…

After a great lunch, we all decided to take a ride down to the

Yellowstone 2009 035

Yellowstone 2009 030

river walk here in town.  We enjoyed the view and had fun

Yellowstone 2009 060

watching all the ducks and geese.

Then it was back to the RV Park were we just enjoyed sitting out in the cool of the evening.  We talked about what we were going to do today.  The decision was made that we would go to Jackson Hole.

So…here we are to Sunday morning, and we are all up and ready to go by about 8:00.  We got to Jackson Hole which is about 100 miles from here.  Yes, I know, we were just there last week….but,  Jim and Ellie had not been there and I needed to go back there to pick up that famous picture of


our rafting trip from last week.  Wow…it just made me want to go do it again!

We then headed on out to Jenny Lake.  As we were arriving, the traffic was all stopped up ahead of us…which means that everyone is looking a something.  And, today, that something was

Yellowstone 2009 101

a cow moose cooling off in the river.  And downstream a little ways was

Yellowstone 2009 109

this big guy making his way across the river.  After watching them and getting some great pictures, we were off to take a look at

Yellowstone 2009 155

Jenny Lake.  How beautiful.  Mark

Yellowstone 2009 143

wanted to get a closer look and I took off my shoes to try out the cool waters, while

Yellowstone 2009 151

Bobo and Jazz just took a seat on this old log.

In a little while, we decided to head back into town for a lunch, but not before getting a couple of pictures of

Yellowstone 2009 097

the Grand Tetons.  They are just awesome and when you see them, you understand that they clearly live up to their name!

For lunch we choose a Chinese Buffet and then made the rounds through a few T-Shirt shops before heading back to Idaho Falls.

Wow…once again another great day and another great adventure.

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