Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yesterday…Today…and Tomorrow

Yesterday when I got up, I knew I needed to call and try to find a doctor to go to.  Several weeks ago, I got a bite on the back of my head.  In the beginning I thought it was just a mosquito bite, but then, after several days I had a reaction that caused my whole head to break out.  I took some allergy medicine and it got better, but just never completely went away. In the last several days I begin have these knots down the leader in my neck and begin to have an earache.  Okay, time to check this out.  So, I found a doctor in Columbia Falls that took our insurance and made myself an appointment.  He took one look at it and told me he was pretty sure it was a spider bite.  He assured me I was going to be okay and gave me an antibiotic to take for the next 14 days.  I will just be glad to be over this.

After I got back from the doctor, we got with Jim and Ellie to make a dinner plan.  The guys grilled some hot dogs and I warmed some buffalo chili I had made the day before and soon we were eating.  Later, we decided to take a drive around the outside of the park.  We saw

Glacier National Park 2009 008

the mountains from the other side.  WOW…still pretty.  We drove on down the road to

Glacier National Park 2009 020

a place called “Goat Lick”.  We walked around this trail to the

Glacier National Park 2009 017

overlook where the goats were suppose to be, but no goats.  The grey in the rocks is the salt.  We continued to wait and watch, but still no goats.  As we were walking back down the trail, I saw this

Glacier National Park 2009 015

old tree stump, and these

Glacier National Park 2009 021

really tall tall trees.  Then I saw

Glacier National Park 2009 014

wildflowers that chose to grow out of the rocks.   Across the canyon, we saw

Glacier National Park 2009 026

a train.

Time to head back home.  On the way, we made one stop to take a picture of

Glacier National Park 2009 031

the river.  A peaceful ending to the day.

Today, I still wasn’t feeling great, so I decided to just hang out at the motor home, tackle the laundry, and rest.  Mark, Jim, and Ellie decided to strike out and go into the park for a short hike to Cedar Ridge and Avalanche Creek.  They said it was beautiful.  Maybe I will check it out before we leave.  They stopped for lunch while they were out and didn’t return until late this afternoon.

After they all rested for awhile, we decided to drive into Kalispell for dinner.  Yes, Brenda, we took your suggestion and headed to Moose’s Saloon for some of the best pizza I have ever had.

Thanks Brenda…you have any more suggestions?

Tomorrow, we are going back into Kalispell for our Weight Watchers meeting.  In addition, we need to make a stop by Best Buy for a camera filter for Jim’s new camera.  And, who knows what else…so come back tomorrow for more details.


  1. Sorry to hear about your spider bite... Those little buggers can be BAD! We went to Goat Lick too while we were there... Actually we stayed at the North American RV Park for 10 days, then on the same hwy as Goat Lick we stayed in Glacier Meadows for 4 days and then up to St,Mary's at the KOA for a week...I just loved it up at Glacier Narl'Pk... Hope you feel better soon!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Well I'm glad it was not an alien infection! Funny I just posted in my journal about the spiders that attach themselves to our trailer and we manage to carry them with us all over the country. I sprayed for mine and now am spider less. I also sprayed inside real good. Might get Mark to do the same. Take care and get well.