Friday, August 21, 2009

Not All Fun

I know that most would take a look at this RVing lifestyle and think we are on a full time vacation.  For the most part we are, but occasionally we have to take a day or so out for cleaning and chores.  And, that would be today.

This morning started with changing the bed linens and sorting  laundry.  Here at this park, you sign up for a scheduled time to use the laundry room and my time was 11:00, so I had plenty of time to get my act together.  The washing went quickly, but then I chose to stay in the laundry room and do my ironing.  But, at least when I finished, I was done for another week.  Now, with that chore behind me it was time to tackle the dusting, the vacuuming, and the mopping.  I also rearranged a couple of drawers.

While I was busy with the laundry and the inside chores, Mark was busy cleaning the outside.  He rearranged things in the bay, applied the 303 on the gaskets and cleaned the inside of the compartment doors.  Of, course, we all know that he couldn’t stop there….so armed with his rags and solution he started in on the motor home and the car and the windows.  Wow…we are shined up from one end to the other.  Looks great.

Ellie and Jim too were busy with chores and when we all were finished for the day, we gathered on our patio for a short happy hour.  Jim made some fruit salsa and brought over some chips.  After we sat for awhile, we decided it was time for dinner.  The guys grilled some chicken and I made some creamed corn, while Ellie put together a salad.  Ellie also made a peach cobbler and I added the ice cream.  Yummy.

After dinner we settled in to make a plan for tomorrow.  It was decided that we would make a trip to Seattle.  So see you tomorrow from Pike Market.

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  1. Good Morning... Yes we do have to take time to maintain & clean... the good thing is that it only takes a day to do it all...☺☺☺ Wish I was there with you all... My husband & I were taking this morning about how much we LOVE the Northwest... Next year we will be there with our good friends...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe...