Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anyone for Shopping?

The forecast today was cloudy with possible rain…so, we decided to take the day and do a little shopping.  We all loaded up and drove into Kalispell.  Our first stop was Best Buy.  I wanted to get a the new GPS version of Microsoft Streets and Trips, Ellie was looking for a new game for her Wii, and Jim was in the market for a new camera.  Jim and I were the winners here.

Mark made a stop at Home Depot and Ellie was off to Game Stop, but still no luck.  We also made a stop at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.  One more stop at

Glacier National Park 2009 001

this sporting goods store.  Here, Ellie found a new pedometer and I got a new pair of Life Is Good snuggle socks.  Ok, enough is enough and the guys have had enough shopping on empty stomachs.  Their choice for lunch, with the help a coin toss, was Five Guys and A Burger, but Ellie and I decided  we wanted a little bigger selection, so we went to their second choice.

Glacier National Park 2009 002

Famous Dave’s and It was a winner.  No one was disappointed  in their selections, including the chocolate brownie dessert and ice cream we all shared.  Well, we almost shared with Jim and Mark. But, then we needed to walk off those points, so we made our way to

Glacier National Park 2009 003

Costco to see what they had to offer.  Ellie and I found some pajamas we couldn’t live without and a new soft fuzzy throw.  We are ready for these cooler temperatures.  While we were at Costo, Mark filled the car with fuel and then we were on our way back to Coram.  We made one more stop at

Glacier National Park 2009 004

the Apple Barrel Market.  We purchased some cherries, plums, peppers, and popcorn.  We also saw

Glacier National Park 2009 006 these Lemon Cucumbers.  Hey mom, have you ever heard of these?  I guess we should have bought one and tried it out.

On the way back to Coram, we decided we would drop off our purchases and check on the fur kids, and then take a trip into Glacier National Park 2009 009  West Glacier and make a run through

Glacier National Park 2009 010

the T shirt shops. We tried this one…

Glacier National Park 2009 012

and then this one, and

Glacier National Park 2009 013

and then we walked through the market before going back across the street to the

Glacier National Park 2009 014

photo shop.  This was the last stop before we made it back to the car.  We dropped off our purchases and then took a tour through the

Glacier National Park 2009 015

Canadian Welcome Center.  We picked up some literature while Mark tried out

Glacier National Park 2009 018

the bob sledding car.  Too bad the TV was broken or he could have taken a run around the course.

Ellie and I found a place we would like to go to sometime…

Glacier National Park 2009 017

In case you can’t read the small print, it says this is the world’s largest shopping mall with over 800 shops, 11 major department stores, and the world’s largest indoor amusement park!  Sounds like it would take a week to get through.

Once we were back to the RV Park, we made a plan for tomorrow’s adventure, which is to be a trip back across the Going To The Sun Road to St. Mary.  We are hoping for lots of sun tomorrow and some really good photographs!

See you then.


  1. Looks like you are having fun!! Lemon cucumbers are great - and keep an eye out for patty pan squash they too are also good. They are small scalloped looking squash usually green.

  2. Don't waste your time on West Edmonton Mall it is not as great as you would think and the last time I was there is was getting pretty rundown looking. You didn't go to Mooses for the pizza how come?

    Have fun Take Care

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time! Lemon cucumbers are great! Mac and I grew them in our garden for many years.