Monday, August 24, 2009

A Breathtaking View…

We left early from the RV Park for a day trip to Cape Flatterly.

Map picture

Now, as you can tell from the push pin, Cape Flatterly is the farthest northwest point you can go in the lower 48 states.

To get there we traveled for almost 3 hours through Port Angeles and Neah Bay to the Makah Indian Reservation.

We arrived at the trail head, but before heading out on the half mile hike, we decided to have lunch.  So we brought out the sandwiches, chips, and fruit we packed this morning.  In just a little while, we were ready to head down

Cape Flaterly 036

the trail.  Never did I expect what I saw.  As we started our hike,

Cape Flaterly 040

the trees and ferns lined the path on both sides and seemed to

Cape Flaterly 133 reach the sky.

The pathway

Cape Flaterly 048 was mostly made of wooden planks.  It went

Cape Flaterly 125 up and down and

Cape Flaterly 124 around.  We saw some

Cape Flaterly 051 

crazy trees.  And, we saw some

Cape Flaterly 129

really big trees.  But, the real treat was at the end of the trail, where

Cape Flaterly 093

the Strait of Juan de Fuca meets

Cape Flaterly 086

the Pacific Ocean.  Breathtaking is all I can say.

Straight across from the tip of Cape Flatterly was

Cape Flaterly 087

Tatoosh Island.  And beyond there and through the haze is

Cape Flaterly 089

Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

What an awesome day, and one

Cape Flaterly 105

we won’t soon forget.


  1. Amazing sights! Know you are loving it there..... we are enjoying it with you!

  2. Gosh I am really having fun with you guys...I don't know when I have seen such beauty. I am just worn out from the walk down to the beach.

  3. Wow! Putting that on my "to do" list!