Monday, August 3, 2009

Big City Business

You know after you have been in the wilderness from South Dakota to Montana to Wyoming, it is nice to be in the big city for a few days.

So today, Ellie and I left Mark and Jim at the RV Park to do the laundry and we headed out for big city business.  We headed straight to the mall where we both got pedicures.  I found a place to get a haircut and we did a little shopping at JC Penney’s and Macy’s.

When we got back home, the guys headed out to Home Depot for a few items.  Ellie and I put together a late lunch and then we all decided to make a run to Sam’s for things we will be needing along the way.

Tomorrow we will be making a trip to Wal Mart to stock up on all the things we didn’t get at Sam’s. We wanted to get all of our shopping behind us since Ellie’s sister and family will be in town for the next few days.  In addition to all the visiting, we will also be getting things together for our departure on Thursday to Glacier National Park and no more big cities for a couple of weeks. LOL


  1. When do you expect to be here and how long do you expect to stay??

  2. Can we get some inforamtion about "the solution"? Thanks,
    Becki & J.D. Kite 16 months and counting . . .

  3. You'll love Glacier, it is truly a North American jewel in a land they call the Crown of the Continent. And Kalispell will satisfy your shopping urges as

  4. What a nice break from the National Parks and things... :-)

    Enjoying your blog and travels.