Thursday, August 6, 2009

Starting A New Adventure

Yesterday was our last day in Idaho Falls.  Ellie and I along with her sister Ann went to the local Weight Watchers meeting.  It was a noon meeting and as soon as we finished at the center, we were off to find lunch.  We chose a Chinese Restaurant.  What a good lunch selection.   Afterwards we went to Fred Meyers, a small version of Wal Mart to find a few Weight Watcher items.  Ellie and I then took Ann out to her son’s house and we then returned to the RV Park to start packing up the motor homes.

Late in the afternoon we all went over to Bill and Rhonda’s house for dinner.  Once again, Bill and Rick did a great job at the grill.  We had chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, and water melon.  We then sat around outside and visited until it was time to say goodnight and see you next time.

Again, thanks Jim and Ellie for including us in your family get together’s this week.  It was nice to meet just a great family.  Thanks Bill and Rhonda for being such gracious hosts!  See you next time we are in Idaho Falls.

We then returned to the RV Park to finish packing up the motor homes for departure this morning.  After a night’s rest, we were up and ready to head out early.  In fact, we left at

Glacier 008

this morning.  Mark and I pulled out first to make a stop at

Glacier 009

the auto glass repair shop just down the road.  Mark wanted to have the chip in the windshield checked to make sure the mobile repairman had repaired it correctly in Custer.  He assured us it was okay and should not give us any problem.  We then called Jim and Ellie back at the RV Park to tell them we were ready. Glacier 011

They came right on, and we were off out

Glacier 012

the interstate towards Butte.  As we were leaving out the interstate, I saw this

Glacier 013

barn.  They fascinate me with the roofs meeting the ground and the grass growing on top of them.  I guess they hold all the

Glacier 019

hay and

Glacier 016

potatoes they grow in Idaho!

It wasn’t  long until we were saying good-bye to Idaho and hello to

Glacier 027

Montana.  As we traveled across I-90, I decided we must be climbing because soon I wasGlacier 034

looking a the clouds and the mountain top at ground level. LOL

I also saw this

Glacier 057

waterfall coming down the side of a mountain.  It was running into a small stream along beside the road.  Then I knew we were really in Montana because I saw

Glacier 046

real cowboys herding cattle down the service road!

Soon it was time for lunch and we made a quick stop at a road side park and discussed just how far we wanted to travel today.  At first we were going to stop in Missoula, but decided that was too soon to call it a day.  After a little calculating, we would make it to Polson, Montana.  But, before we could get to Polson, we had to turn on

Glacier 076

and then on

Glacier 078

Once we made our way on to 93 we would be in Polson before long.  OH WAIT…no one told us to expect

Glacier 083


Glacier 084

and a road that looked like

Glacier 079

this.  It was a little rough, but what a nice road it will be  someday!

We called ahead to a couple of RV Parks, but one only had one site and the other one wanted $30 to dry camp….so we just pulled into one of our favorite RV Parks

Glacier 112

Glacier 114

Once we were settled into the parking lot, we were off to find something to eat, stop in at Safeway and Wal Mart….so much for the free camp ground!

We do however have a nice view of the

Glacier 106

Rocky Mountains.

See you tomorrow from Coram, Montana.


  1. How soon will you be here. I am getting anxious. Looking forward to seeing you all!!

  2. The "barn" is a potato cellar. I don't know the ins and outs of potato farming, but we lived in Idaho Falls for a year and out in Arco, Idaho for three in the 1970s and 1980. The potato cellars are all over the place.

    We were planning to make it to Idaho this year, but the opportunity of a 6 month contract at very good pay intervened. We haven't been back through there since 1995.

    Great pictures!

    Mike Goad
    At home in Arkansas
    Haw Creek Out 'n About