Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rainy Day Errands and Visitors

Today started off overcast and cool.  We loaded up to start our trip to Kalispell for the day, but on our way there the overcast sky gave way to rain and even cooler temperatures.  We each had our own agendas today.  Mark and Jim dropped Ellie and I off at the local Weight Watchers for our weekly meeting.  While we were there they ventured off to the lumber yard and the UPS store.  When Ellie and I finished with our meeting, the guys were back and ready for lunch.  We decided on Applebee’s.  During lunch we made the next plan which included a stop at Great Harvest Bread Company for a loaf of fresh Honey Wheat Bread.  We not only got bread, but a couple of homemade cookies too.  One was enough to share!  Then it was off to Best Buy for the filters for Jim’s camera.  They didn’t carry what he needed, but the sales associate directed us to a nearby camera store.  There he found part of what he needed.  By this time, we needed to head home to make preparations for dinner guests.  Jim and Ellie were making fajitas and I was in charge of dessert, which was a mixed berry cobbler.

Mike, Janna, and Emmi traveled from Big Timber today and were coming for dinner and a visit.  But, if the truth were really known, they came so we could meet Emmi,

Glacier National Park 2009 022

the newest member of their family.

Before they arrived, Bobo got

Glacier National Park 2009 001

instructions from his mom about being nice when his company comes….while Jazz

Glacier National Park 2009 002

is just waiting and watching for Emmi to arrive.

The introductions

Glacier National Park 2009 005

went pretty good, however, Bobo made sure Emmi understood that this was his house and  she shouldn’t get to comfortable.

Mark thought she was pretty cute, but

Glacier National Park 2009 007

I made sure he understood…no dogs!

We enjoyed a great dinner and visit with Mike and Janna.  What a sweet little girl you have.  I hope she

Glacier National Park 2009 019

knows how lucky she is to have a family like yours.


  1. Good Morning... Sounds like you guys had fun despite the rain... I love where you are right now... We spent almost a month up there last year!
    The puppy is just way to cute...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip Dortha...hope you are feeling much better! HUGS! M&B