Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mark’s Birthday Continues…2nd Post Today

As promised, we loaded into the car and headed out to get Mark’s birthday present.  However, first, we stopped in Squim

Olympic National Park 007

for lunch.  Great Mexican food.  Now, with full stomachs, we thought we could focus better on the task at hand.  So, we drove on to

Olympic National Park 019

the Olympic Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles.  Here, Mark was able to

Olympic National Park 021

get his senior park pass.  Now, he was ready to go….so, we headed into the park….destination, Hurricane Ridge.  This drive had been closed due to

Olympic National Park 106

a big landslide, but, the park ranger at the visitor center told us that it just reopened today.  It was a 17 mile drive, but

Olympic National Park 026

what a drive and view.  If you could see through the haze, you would be looking straight across at Victoria, BC.

As we drove on up to the top, I was amazed at the size

Olympic National Park 037

of the trees.  But, nothing prepared me for what

Olympic National Park 074

I was going to see when we reached the top.  Which by the way was 5,255 feet.

We took a short hike

Olympic National Park 059

around this trail and through the trees.  What a beautiful day.  We found a

Olympic National Park 068

black tailed deer taking a rest in the shade while

Olympic National Park 081

baby was out exploring.

Soon, it was time to head back down the mountain, but not before getting one more

Olympic National Park 098

picture of Carrie Glacier.

Wow…what a great day, and again Happy Birthday, Mark.  I hope you too had a memorable adventure.


  1. Congrats Mark on acquiring your golden age passes... We have saved a lot of money with ours... LOVE it! Looks like your day was perfect because your pictures sure were.

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. What a great birthday present---and it will last you a lifetime!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday Poppa! We certainly missed seeing you today.

    Big HUG!
    Kate, Greg and Zachary

  4. Happy Birthday Mark!
    Love the photos and scenery....and the way you present's fun to travel thru your eyes! Hugs and enjoy that "other" coast!

  5. Happy Birthday Mark. Dortha and Mark, enjoy your stay in Washington, there is so much to see and do while there.

  6. happy birthday to you mark
    the pictures are beautiful!!! love, conlee & dan & alderdaughters