Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Traveling On…

Today was a travel day and it seems that no one sleeps well the night before…so we were all up and ready to go by around 7 am. But, when all was said and done, we finally pulled out just a little before 8. It was easy to leave the RV Park…make one right turn and two left turns and we were headed west on I-90. As we

Moving On To Washington 004

passed through Spokane, we waved good bye to Jenny, with a promise to come back sometime in the future. We traveled on west, and I decided that Eastern Washington

Moving On To Washington 015

looked a whole lot like West Texas. I was amazed at the

Moving On To Washington 046 farms where all of this hay was stored. The signs indicated that these are hay brokers and exporters. Looks like big business.

It wasn’t long until I decided that Washington really didn’t look like West Texas, as I got a good look at

Moving On To Washington 027

the Columbia River. And yes, we went across that bridge. Then, we got a glimpse of

Moving On To Washington 043

Mt. Rainier as it stood tall above the rest of the mountains. And, yes, that is snow on the top. We were then getting close to

Moving On To Washington 060

Snoqualmie Pass. After traveling over the pass, we had planned to stop for the day at the Snoqualmie Casino. There we had arranged to meet Phyllis, one of our RV Dreamer friends. I had talked with her earlier today and made the plan. However, when we got to the Casino, the parking lot was not level enough for us to park and the sites that were set aside for overnight parking were not large enough for us. We knew that this plan was not going to work. However, while we were there and stopped we decided to grab a quick sandwich and head on down the road. Just about the time that I was going to call Phyllis, they drove up.

Yeah….at least we got to meet her, and now we have a face to put with a name. I am so sorry our plans didn’t work out to get to stay for the afternoon and evening and get to really visit, but since we couldn’t stay there overnight, we needed to get to a place that we could park for the night.

The decision was made that we would travel on to the Tacoma area. There was another Casino there and they advertised in the “Casino Camping” book that there was parking in the overflow lot. We arrived there about mid afternoon and found what we thought to be the overflow parking lot. We parked, assessed the parking lot, which wasn’t too level itself, but doable. We saw a spot that we thought would work, so we moved and parked again. This time, we decided it would work great for the night and proceeded to put out two of the slides. It was at that point that the security patrolman came around and told us that if we were going to be there overnight, we would need to move to the other side of the Casino in the employee’s parking area. So, we pulled in the slides, moved, put out the slides, turned on the generator and the a/c, grabbed our money, and headed to the Casino before anyone else could find reason for us not to be here.

We made our way through the Casino to the evening buffet, but it didn’t open for about 30 minutes, so we dropped a few pennies in a few slot machines until time to eat. It was well worth the wait and after a great dinner, it was back to the casino for a while. When we had all had as much fun as we could take, it was back out to the motor home. We are now settled in for the evening, watching a little TV and enjoying our free overnight stay. Right…after the buffet and the casino, it is a good thing the parking is free. LOL

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this night goes as the interstate and the train track is within walking distance from this parking lot.

We have less than 100 miles to travel tomorrow, so we will not be in a hurry to leave in the morning. This will allow the early morning traffic to clear out through Tacoma. We will be going to the Escapees Park in Chimacum, Washington, where we plan to stay for the next couple of weeks. They don’t take reservations, so here’s hoping they can accommodate us when we arrive.

See you tomorrow.


  1. know your in for some great sightseeing and fun in Washington... It is my very favorite state...

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Wish we were going with you guys, I am still working on Michael. Travel safe.