Friday, September 16, 2011

All In A Day's Work...

Late yesterday, we received the call with instructions for this morning's work schedule.  So, we were up by 5:00 am and ready to head to


the service center for our 7:00 appointment.  Yes, that is AM!

We were greeted by Roger and Joel, who were ready to get to work.  The first thing they tackled was the topper on the driver's side slide.  Upon


inspection, it was decided that the only way to fix the sag was to


replace it.

Randy and


Mark made sure they were doing their job.

Next on the list was to adjust the


slide from the inside.  This involved replacing one of the rollers.  They put this


green tape on the floor to make sure the roller was in the correct position.

On to the shade on the front windshield.  Just a minor adjustment needed there.

I have been wanting to replace this


mini blind with a pull down shade.  So, this was the perfect time.  While the guys were waiting for it to be delivered to the work station, Roger took down the mini blind, but... when the shade was delivered, it had been damaged.  So, it had to be reordered, and should be here in a couple of days.

By this time, our 3 hours of express bay time were almost up. And, the only thing left on the list for Roger and Joel was to apply a little dab of silicone to the corner of the tile on the bathroom backsplash.

Great work guys, thanks, for dong a good job.

  However, this was only the end of the list for the Express Bay.  It was also determined that we do have to have the flooring replaced in the wet bay.  This is an onsite recall as such and is taken care of as needed.  But, it requires getting on another waiting list for another day...our time frame is probably a week or so away.

Down to the last item for the day, and that was the rear jack that has been giving us fits for a while now.  It almost always goes down, but, only comes up when it really wants to.   But, this is done in a different bay, so...

We returned to our campground site and shortly after lunch time, they were calling for us to come back to the


service area.  Once we were in the bay, the techs ran the jacks down, they ran them up, they ran them down, and back up.  They decided the jack motor was either putting out to many amps or not enough amps and confusing the controller.  The only fix...


a new jack.  So, off


with the old one and on


with the new one.

All done, reset, and ready to go, back to the camp ground that is.

After hours, Trevor stopped by to return my door mats that he had taken to put some new trim on.  He was also going to install our new


LED ceiling lights. These replace the


old lights.  Looking good! more work today!

  Time for some fun.  We picked up Randy and Pam and headed for


The Rattlesnake Saloon.  This is a great little burger spot that is built


at the bottom of a hill in a



We shared


eyes and tails (fried jalapenos and green beans), before ordering burgers and salads.

A great evening with


friends after a busy day in Red Bay.


  1. Wow ~ what a whielwind of a day.. Nice ending though! Good food with Great people!!!
    Have fun

  2. Wow!! What a busy day! Seeing your MH up on those lifts made me nervous!! Love the setting for the Rattlesnake Salon! Randy and Pam are super folks....glad you all are having fun together!!

  3. Love the new ceiling lights, they look great! We have been trying to think of some way to get rid of the ugly flourescents and it looks like you have come up with the perfect solution.

  4. Looks like you're moving right along in Red Bay!

    I love the new ceiling lights, too! Do you know if they are widely available?

    Hope the rest of your repairs go smoothly!