Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On To Red Bay

Our Monday started early.  We needed to be up and ready to move the motor home from in front of the SMI office where we had spent the night.  SMI opened at 8 am, and our appointment was for 9:00.  They were on time and ready to start the installation of our Air Force One.

They pulled the


Jeep into this small garage to do the installation.  Then, they crawled


under the motor home to install the necessary parts to the braking system.

When all was said and done, the Air Force One was ready to connect.



connection hooks to the motor home and


the other end connects to the Jeep.  On the inside of the Jeep is


this mechanism.  And, on the other end of this line is


this little light bar.  All connected, the air brakes on the motor home tell the brakes on the Jeep to slow down and/or stop.  When we look in the back up camera on the dash of the motor home, you see this a little red light indicating that the system is working.

We were checked out and ready to pull out of Newburgh by noon.  We were finally ready to head South.  We traveled out of Indiana, through part of Kentucky and Tennessee, and finally into Alabama.  There was lots of time for playing


Words With  Thanks, Brenda, Deb, Donna, Dee, Sandra, and Jennifer for playing today!

We made a stop in Alabama at a road side park where this


Saturn Launch Rocket is on display.  After a short break and a walk around the park, we were back on the road.  Next stop, Red Bay, Alabama.

Oh, yes, after traveling this far, my driver said he was very happy with the new brake assist system.

We reached Camp Red Bay and the service center before dark.  Upon checking into the office, we found that the campground was full except for one site with electric only...SOLD!  We parked and were content to have at least electricity because it is still warm here in the South and there were 13 rigs ahead of us to be assigned to a full hookup site.

Tuesday morning rolled around and so did Norris.  He was coming to officially check us in for service.  He said he would get our paper work turned in and that we should be getting a FHU site sometime during the day.

Soon, Nick came to the door.  He is one of the techs, and was here to check out the issue with our front TV.  A while back, we lost the ability to play a DVD and thought something had gone wrong with the TV brain.  Well, after a little while, Nick had everything working like new.  A cable had come loose from the back of the TV.  Yeah, simple fix.  He also reprogrammed our remotes so that when I change the channel on the back TV, the front TV doesn't change with it...oops!

Wow, the day was moving along quite nicely, and as promised, Donald was soon knocking on our front door to assign us a FHU site.  So, we pulled in the slides and jacks and moved to our


home for the next couple of weeks.

We also learned from a Facebook post that Randy and Pam Warner were here in the park.  We have already had a couple of great visits with them.

Content to be here, this morning Mark was ready to start his own little projects.  He


cleaned bugs,


replaced the wiper washer hoses, and washed and


waxed the Jeep.

While he was so occupied, I took a great walk.  I also stopped in the service center where I placed an order for a pull down shade to replace the mini blind over the kitchen sink.

Later this afternoon, we sit outside to enjoy a beautiful afternoon.  However, that beautiful afternoon turned


stormy.  The winds blew about 60 mph, the thunder rolled, the lightning flashed, and the rains came.  At one time there were even a few tiny little hail stones.  It took it a couple of hours for the system to move through.  After all was quite, we headed down to Mr. J's for salad and pizza.  A nice place to spend a rainy night.

Tomorrow, we have an 8:00 am appointment at Bay Diesel for an oil change and our scheduled yearly maintenance.  We wanted to get this taken care of while we are waiting our turn for a service bay here at the campground.

And, so on and so on...such is life at Camp Red Bay...


  1. Wow how great that Pam & Randy are there for you to visit with... Hope all gets fixed up good for you guys. The new brake system sounds really great!
    Have fun there at Camp Red Bay

  2. I've been at that rest stop!!! It was weird to see that rocket right there!

  3. Wow how great that Pam & Randy are there for you to visit with...