Monday, April 23, 2012

The Heat Is On...

After surviving


last Friday's storm system that brought hail to the valley for the second time in three weeks, we are enjoying beautiful days, but, they are beginning to heat up.

  And, the fun has "heated" up too!

I shared the photos of the gun range project.  So, I thought I would share with you the fun that most


of us are having using it.  Mark and Mike are really having a good time and enjoying the results of their hard work of getting the range finished to this point.

Then, there is


is "dead eye" Susie and her


side kick, Niles!

Now, as for


myself, who never even held a gun, I haven't exactly reached the "fun" part of this, but they tell me that me and my 380 are


doing just fine!  Well...maybe, someday, I will have as much fun as they seem to have.

But, in the meantime, I would rather organize a party.  And, a party we had.  Mark has been wanting to do a shrimp boil, so we decided it would be a perfect end of season party for our


afternoon swim group of girls and



So, while they enjoyed an afternoon at the pool, Mark


heated up the pans on his newly purchased burner and I started


lining up the ingredients.

When the water was boiling, he and his


trusty assistant kept me busy bringing them layer after layer of


potatoes, carrots, chicken, and corn.  Next came


the onions and the sausage.  And, finally,


the shrimp.  While the shrimp cooked, and the


swimmers gathered, Mary helped organize the


other side dishes.

Then, it was time to


dump the pots.  At this point, the only thing left to do was


say, "come and get it"!

It was a great evening and a fun way to spend time with friends.  For many of our group a perfect


way to end this season.

Today, dawned a beautiful day in the RGV, and along with several of the girls, we got together and rode our bikes over to the


National Butterfly Center.





we learned, and


we saw lots of butterflies....but,

before the day heated up too much, we made our way back to the park and headed to the pool!


  1. Looks like you all are enjoying the beautiful weather there. I love the pool pictures. And the pot of food looks great. Lovely butterflies!

  2. Well you two look like you had a wonderful winter. We are sure missing you guys. We have been lucky this winter to have so many of our RV friend stop at Dog Pound South this year. Hopefully one of these days we will see you and Mark at either North or South Dog Pound.

    I wish I could have come to the Butter fly place with you. I don't know if you remember but I have been collecting all thing Butter fly since I was about 18.

    Take Care Dortha

  3. Sure wish I could have been there for the shrimp. What ever happen to the guy in Canada that never would own a gun and did not like them??? He is now building a gun range along with his side kick Annie Oakley(wife). Is it something about the RVG that drives folks to this kind of thinking...LOL. You know I have owned guns all my life...but never have been to a gun range. Maybe you can set me up someday when we get down that way. I have a sweet little 25 that I have never shot.

    Joe and Sherri