Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

It has been almost two months since I last posted a blog. Gosh, I am not sure where the time goes.  Well, I do, but, when we are in the same place for an extended time, it is hard to write about routine days.  But, just to keep things straight, our routine days include beautiful weather, pool time,, and projects.

  But, here it is mid April and I realized that it was about time for me to catch up.  So, in the midst of those routine days...

We are still at Retama enjoying Springtime in Texas.  We have stayed busy with the everyday activities.  Tuesday is girl's day, Weight Watchers, shopping, and lunch.  And, now the guys are going out for their own lunch time on Tuesday and any other day they can get away with it.  We have water aerobics three days a week, but...

the weather has warmed up to the point that we can now get in and enjoy the pool almost everyday.  Not a bad way to pass away the afternoons.

And, of course, there is always


someone that wants to cook up a


a party.

And, as always, there have been a few projects.  The guys have been working on constructing a gun range for target practice.  There is a section


of land down by the river that belongs to our developer.  They were using this area to go and shoot, but it needed some cleaning and clearing.  So, after some discussion and approval from Mike, the guys put their plan in process.

  Thanks, Neto for mowing the property and for bringing in the materials to


make the road and parking area.

While Neto was taking care of this, Mark and Mike started the construction of


the shooting stations.



made sure they stayed nourished every morning, bringing them donuts...well, I guess donuts are nourishment!

Once the benches were constructed, they were installed


down at the range.

Next project...the target holders.  They found


these sign perfect!

They also have a section set aside for


shooting clays.

Mark, Mike, and Niles have had great fun putting all of this together.  And, now, there is a safe and nice place for them to go shoot rifles, shotguns, and pistols. But, they couldn't have done it without all the donations from Mike, Bentsen Palms, and the Retama guys!  Thanks to all of you.  Now, enjoy, and...

Stayed tuned for future improvements which are already in the planning stages.

I have had a few crafty projects going on of my own.  Remember when I took that mosaic class awhile back.  Well, that just ignited the creative side of me and I set myself up a


work table in the coach house and have made several more




crosses.  I even sold one of them.

I also made this


stepping stone for the front island.

Now, in between all these projects, we did take a day to rent the


Harley to go with the gang on a ride to Port Mansfield, which is about 90 miles Northeast of Mission.  We traveled along Military Hwy to 281 to Harlingen, and then on to Port Mansfield.  Along the way, we saw




corn, and


sugar cane fields.

There were


farmers plowing, and


crop dusters fertilizing the fields.  All getting ready for Spring.

Once, we arrived in Port Mansfield, it was straight to


lunch at Sweet Gregory P's Smokehouse for lunch.  Of course, if the truth were told, this was the whole reason for the trip.  But, let me assure you, this Texas girl thought this was some of the best barbeque I have ever eaten.  And, then, the homemade banana and bread puddings made it all worth the trip.

Lunch was so good that


Niles needed to take a nap.  So, while he recovered from lunch, the rest of us took a trip into town and down to the


docks.  This is the boat that the guys took on their deep sea fishing trip a while back.

We also visited


with a few of the locals.  Soon, it was time to return, pick up Niles, and head back to Retama.

And, it's also back to the projects.  As the days get warmer, we found that the water hoses are a great place for algae to grow.  So, Mark took this


hint from Bernard, and put our hoses and electric lines in this PVC to protect them from the UV light.

And, as the days get warmer,


a lot of our friends decided it was time to head North.  But, there are a


few of us still here,  We are just hanging out, enjoying Springtime in the RGV where


Linda's flowers flourish,


Kathy's new roses are blooming, the copper soap treatment


have made our Ixora's  beautiful, and the


hummingbirds are enjoying them all.

Yes, Spring has sprung in the RGV.  And, while we enjoy this beautiful weather here, we wish each of you a beautiful Spring and safe travels.


  1. Good to hear from you! I like your mosaics! I started a mosaic lamp when we first arrived here but ran out of broken crockery....and ambition! Love the flowers down there. We haven't had snow here for some time but it seems like it takes forever for flowers to come up.

  2. Good to hear that things are well in GRV. The projects will keep the men busy even intonextyear. Have fun, Miss you guy's.

  3. What a great time y'all are having.
    Keep up the good work, someone has to do it!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Just what I wanted,,,a place to shoot!!! Nice!!!

  5. Glad to hear you are having a good time. Know what you mean when you say time goes so fast and yet we are doing nothing, Hugs....

  6. Nice post. Good to know whacha been up to over the winter months. Retema seems like an active place to be while wintering away in Southern Texas. Hope to see you guys again somewhere down the road while we're Wandering America.

  7. Great post, as usual. :) I've missed you! Glad to hear you've been keeping busy and having fun. Those mosaic crosses are absolutely gorgeous!! I especially like the first one. Dortha, your artistry is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Take care, my friend.

  8. Harley has some really low interest financing this spring....... But if Mark had one for every day, you would never see the guys again during the afternoons.......... LOL!

    Nice post and spring look very nice down there..

  9. I love the crosses.
    Would love to have the 1st one, beautiful!

  10. Good to hear from you. Sherri and I thought you both had fallen off the planet. Everything looks real nice at your place. Maybe I can come down and take some target practice at the new range.

    Joe and Sherri

  11. Nice entry. Looking forward to following your adventures. Thanks for sharing.