Friday, September 21, 2012

What A Great Week!

As our week here in Sedalia progressed and picked up speed, we were entertained, amazed, and educated.  We have been reunited with old friends and met new friends.  Join me now, for a look at our past few days

Tuesday was the day set aside as "Donuts For Care".  Lois and Carol,  better known as


The Donut Diva's orchestrate their mission to sell their donuts for lots of dollars.   And, they are serious about taking your money, all donations!

Some donuts went for $1.00, some for $5.00, some


for $10.00.

But, with the help and cheers from our


cheerleaders, the winning donut was purchased by Alliant Credit Union for a donation of $500.00.  And, by the end of the morning, the Donut Diva's had collected


$2,085.13.  All monies go to CARE!  Great job girls!

We had an great time...our annual get-together with our


class of 2007.  And, with this group...the food always comes out!

We adopted several


new members, including Jim and Chris...better known as The Geeks on Tour!

Escapades is not all


play, even though the staff did try out the playground one afternoon.

And, the days have been filled with many awesome educational seminars.  Thanks to Wanda for organizing them and thanks to all the speakers!

This year, we had our first Chili Cook Off, another CARE project...we had the


Fireman, Bob, Mark, and John, with their Firehouse Chili,


Brenda made Pork Green Chili,



Nell and her mom, Blondie, made good old Texas Chili.

And, Donna and Marcia chose


Hawaiian Chili!

These were just a few of the competitors.  And...

The winner, chosen by how many $$ which equaled votes was collected in their donation bucket was


the one and only Miz Kay, the founder of the Escapees Club.

The total from all the participants for our first chili cook off was just shy of $4,000!

What a great week, but, yesterday the closing ceremonies and last night's dance party wrapped up another awesome Escapade.

This morning, several of the staff was up really early and by 5 am, we were


preparing 364 biscuits and sausage in


preparation for the


Hitch Up Breakfast.

After lots of hugs and see you was time to start packing up! And, now tonight, all that is left is


Big Red, waiting at the loading dock to pack up and carry off the memories of Escapade 2012...

but, we, are hoping that you like us are already planning for Escapade 2013.  So, mark your calendar and join us in Gillette, Wyoming June 30 - July 5, 2013.


  1. Thank you for all the great photos...

  2. Dortha and Mark....HUGE thanks for making our time at Escapade a FUN one! Wonderful blog post! We'll miss you both!

    Big hugs

  3. We could not attend Escapade this year so it was fun (and sad) to see what we missed. Thanks for posting. I've just signed up to follow your blog. Look forward to learning more about the two of you and your travels.
    Judy (aka CoolJudy) and Luke Rinehimer

  4. Molly was right on FB….Great recap of the Escapade. Looks like you all had a great time!

  5. Hi Dortha - couldn't find any e-mail for you so will try this. We are in Apache Junction AZ and looking for someone that sells the Solution. Ccan you suggest anyone. Thanks Becki.