Thursday, May 20, 2010


I know it has been a week since I last posted, but, I find it hard to blog when we aren't out and about traveling the highways and the byways.  I never want to bore anyone with the normal routine things of life, but, that is about all that has been going on around here.  However,  in order for me to catch are just going to have to be bored!

Thank to all of you that commented and complimented Mark's work on our Pink Panther Project.  It was a fun, easy, and inexpensive project that we hope will help a little in keeping the cabinets a more even temperature.

Once that project was complete...we tackled the next thing on our telephones.  Our contract was up with AT&T and we had decided to change our cell service to Verizon.  We decided to treat ourselves with Motorola Droids.  Now, these are probably more phone and service than we need, but, we sure are having fun with them.  And, it has been an adventure learning how to use them.

Other "things to do" have included cleaning out old files from 2000 to present time.  Wow, what a paper trail.

Once I had accomplished the clean out, I loaded all the boxes in the back of my car and headed to a local business that shreds the paper for recycling.  The charge for this was $6 per box, which I thought was good and it was disposed of properly and with peace of mind.  Okay...mission accomplished and a little more of our "stuff" is out of Karen's way.

If the weather holds out, I am planning to have a driveway craft sale on Saturday and eliminate a few more items that have been stored around here.

While I have been working on my list, Mark has had an agenda of his out and rearranging the storage space in the basement of the motor home.  He is gearing up for our summer trips with the grandkids and making room for the extra things we will be needing for them.

Trip #1 starts on June 1 with Caden and Kourtney, the 2 three year olds.  We are taking them to the Yogi Bear Lone Star Park in Waller, Texas for three or four days.  When we return to Fort Worth, we have a week to regroup.

Trip #2 starts on June 14.  We will be leaving for New York.  We have planned several fun stops between Texas and New York.  Once we reach New York, we have planned a trip across to visit Canada.  Then there is the stay at Niagara Falls, Cooperstown, Newburgh, and last but not least...the Statue of Liberty!

In the meantime, we are continuing to mark things off of our "to do's" and soon the list will be complete for now.  Then, it will be time for the wheels on the bus to roll and there will be lots to blog about!


  1. If you go through Illinois and near St. Louis, let us know. Be good to see you a few hours.

  2. You all have certainly been busy! Sounds like you have some great trips planned for the "grands" this summer. What wonderful memories they will have of their trip with awesome grandparents. :)

    Have fun, stay safe!!
    Mike & Gerri

  3. Those are awesome plans you have for the summer. Can't wait to read all about it. Have a good weekend.