Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Final Red Bay Report

Yesterday started as the day before with the early morning motor home parade.  Once everyone was in their assigned service bays for the morning, the service department started assigning express bay appointments for the afternoon.  Soon, we knew that we were to appear at

Moving East 001

Bay #8 after lunch.  We went over our list with Nathan and soon they were busy working on the things that needed repair.

First was the

Moving East 004

gasket on the driver's side slide.  Nathan had that replaced and sealed in record the sealant just needed to dry and they would replace the slide awning.

We also had discovered that we could not shut off the power to our electric flush toilet.  They told us to just unplug the fuse.  Okay...can you show me the fuse?  Well, come to find out, we had no we do!

Next, item...I had a small spot were the grout was low in the tile floor.  However, I found out that that was an item that could not be taken care of in the express bay.  It has been that way all along and really doesn't  bother me, I just thought I would get them to fill it...maybe another time.

Now, on to the big item on our list and the main reason we are here.  And, that is the front a/c unit.  Last October the fan cage came apart and we came to Red Bay for service.  They replaced it with a newly designed version.

  Well, from that date forward the a/c  has sounded like a jet engine.  It has nearly driven Mark crazy and in turn Mark has nearly driven me crazy.

  While we were in Mission, we had a Coleman service tech come and check it out.  He said it could be the motor and we just needed to have the factory take care of the problem.  Then again, while we were in Rockport, Mark discussed the problem with yet another a/c tech.  He too said, I think it is the motor.

So, here we are and we are addressing this problem!

Robby, came to the rescue...he turned on the unit and calmly has the wrong fan cage in it.

Mark really wanted to argue the point with him, but Robby assured us that the only problem was the wrong fan cage and he would fix it.  So, this morning, we made our way to

Moving East 006 Bay #5 and as promised, Robby

Moving East 008was on top of the motor home replacing the fan cages on both units.

We now have two super quite normal sounding a/c units.

Now that all of the service issues were taken care of, I could be on with the remainder of my projects.

I have been fussing about how we were getting

Moving East 011

these little nicks in the vinyl fabric by the front door handle.  I heard that Brannon made this cool plate that goes behind the handle.  So, I sent Mark to get one and in no time at all

Moving East 014

he had it installed.  Problem solved!

My project that was a work in progress from Monday was an additional set of step covers for the

Moving East 068

outside steps.  Now,

Moving East 069

they all match.

I had some covers on the outside steps, but I couldn't keep them tight or straight.  These snap in place.  I think they are going to work much better.

Service issues....done!

Extra projects done!

And, it is only 12:30.  So, we decided to take a drive around the Natchez Trace and find the

Moving East 048

Visitor Center.  And, you guessed it...another National Park Stamp...four to be exact.

We stopped at several of the pullouts along the way.  One was

Moving East 021

The Pharr Mounds, which is a ancient Indian

Moving East 028

burial ground.

We also stopped at the

Moving East 036

Old Trace.  Here we walked a little ways down a trail to where

Moving East 044

thirteen unknown Confederate soldiers are buried.

Then it was on to the

Moving East 059

Tupelo National Battlefield.

We enjoyed a great relaxed afternoon out in the warm sunshine and have now marked off one more part of the Natchez Trace drive.  The only part we have left is from Tishomingo State Park to Nashville.

Maybe next time we are this way we will finish the Trace.  But for now, all business in Red Bay is taken care of and tomorrow we start our trip to Texas.

  Once we have settled in at our home base, it will be time to start making plans for our summer trips with the grandkids which is just around the corner.

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  1. Glad you got everything taken care of and can now be on your way. Travel safe back to Texas!!

    Debbie & Rod