Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Report From Camp Red Bay

When I last posted, we had switched gears and headed to Camp Red Bay in order to avoid the weather.  Our travel from the Gulf Coast to Red Bay was without a problem and with only a hint of a misty rain.

We arrived on Friday evening and were excited to find that we would be assigned to a full hook up site...and one on the pavement at that.  Life Is Good at Camp Red Bay!

When we were completely set up, I stood by the rule of "no cooking" on a travel day, so, we headed out for dinner.  And, when in Red Bay...

Moving East 023

Swamp John's is the place.  We enjoyed dinner...salad, catfish, and baked potato.  Yummy!

We were now settled in for the evening and the weekend.  Saturday came with overcast skies that turned into on and off rain, but Sunday came with

Moving East 001

more than a little rain.  In fact for most of the afternoon we listened to the

Moving East 007

beeping of the weather radio and watched the

Moving East 006

radar on the computer.

Since we couldn't go outside to play, I decided today would be a good day to cook and bake...I made

Moving East 008

Shrimp Chowder...and

Moving East 011

a "no crust" pumpkin pie.  Yummy!

Thank goodness, the really severe storms traveled either above us or below us.  By nightfall all was clear.

Monday we woke to a heavy fog.  Soon the sun was out and promised a great day with temperatures in the 80's.

Now, let's remember, here at Camp Red Bay, it's Monday morning and things are about to get busy.

First, everyone that has an assigned service bay starts pulling in slides, raising jacks, and cranking up  by 6:45 am.  They want to be in front of their assigned space when the bay doors go up at 7:00.

Then, for those of us who have just arrived, we wait for Norris to come with paperwork and let know what our wait looks like.  Sure enough, he showed up around 8:00, and after he and Mark assessed our service issues, the front a/c unit and the gasket on the slide, it was decided that we could go into an express bay.  The wait...only 3-4 days.  Again, Life Is Good at Camp Red Bay.

Now, in addition to the items on our service list, I had a list of my own.  So, I was off to see what I could schedule.  The first stop was the cabinet shop.  And, yes, they could fix me right up.  Thanks Molly for the great idea!

The cabinets over the sofa on the passenger side has 

Moving East 013

way too much air space.  And, I wanted two dividers and some shelves.

Danny said he could take care of the project tomorrow.

As promised, this morning, Danny showed up with tape measure in hand.  He called after a little while, and, scheduled us to show up at

Moving East 017

the cabinet shop at noon.

In no time at all, I had

Moving East 018

just what I requested in two of the three cabinets.

While, Danny was working on the cabinets, I asked TJ if he would shine the counter tops.  He did a great job buffing out the many little scratches that seem to appear from just daily use.  He told me I should use car wax on them about every six months to keep them nice and shiny!  That sounds like a perfect job for Mark.  Something else for him to wax.

Once, we were finished in the cabinet shop, it was back to site #3.  I vacuumed out the cabinets while Mark cut the mats to go on the inside.  Then they were ready to be

Moving East 020

Moving East 019


I left one of the cabinets as it was for

Moving East 026

for the larger items.

Having these shelves installed, allowed me to do some rearranging in the cabinets

Moving East 021

Moving East 022

on the other side of the motor home.

While I was busy rearranging and putting things away, Trevor came to start working on my second project...and with measurements in hand he was off, only to return a little while ago with

Moving East 027

step covers and

Moving East 030

a mat for the dash.

Thanks Trevor for a job well done...and again, Molly, great idea!

Wow...I am tired after all my projects today...I wonder what I can dream up for tomorrow?


  1. Dortha will you share your pumpkin pie recipe? Stay dry in Red Bay.

  2. The shelves look awesome!!! I need those too!


  3. You want to be nice to Norris! He kinda holds the keys to the entire repair process. He told us three weeks, but somehow squeaked us in in 4 days. Loyce was really nice to him, and had him in for a cold drink. I wasn't even there, when they went thru the list, but that didn't matter, as they had it figured out in no time.

  4. Love the new shelves...makes a huge difference. I also like the suggestion of car wax on the counter tops. I will suggest that to Mike, LOL. We have those step covers and love them. Once I saw your dash cover I wanted one too. I don't know where to have one made since we are SOBs. Ha!

    So very glad you made it through the storms safely! It has been awful for so many folks.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Hi Dortha and Mark

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. When I saw your post I jumped right on over here.

    Am a little curious about Camp Red Bay. Is it a large motor home service center?

    Take care and I look forward to reading along as you travel.


  6. Hi Dortha

    I am on Facebook

    Alice Nelson Workentin

    sign up to be my friend...also is there a special RV group on Facebook that you belong to?

  7. Yay, Dortha! It all looks great!!
    Glad it went well for you in Red Bay!! See y'all in August!! HUGS!