Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Pink Panther Project

A few months ago, we read an article about insulating the cabinets in the slide outs.  In this particular article the lady had used the foil backed insulation similar to that you would put in your car to cover the windshield.

Now, the idea of insulating the cabinets sounded good.  However, I was not excited about the foil idea.  So, we dropped the idea.

Then a couple of weeks ago we thought about it again and agreed that there is probably a lot of heat that comes in through the slide outs.  I mean after all they are just metal boxes with minimal insulation.  I still wasn't sold of the idea of the foil, so I needed to come up with a better fix!  So...

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and purchased a sheet of 1/2 inch of Pink Panther, (Owens Corning)  foam insulation and some spray adhesive for adhering the fabric to the board.

While Mark set up his work area outside, I took

Project 029

everything out of the cabinets.

Mark took some measurements and headed out to the shop to

Project 023

cut the insulation to fit.

  Once the pieces were cut, we sprayed the insulation and the light weight carpet covering with the adhesive, and bonded the two together.  By the way, the carpet we used was what we purchased in Red Bay, and the same that they use in the cabinet floor.

Next, Mark begin to fit

Project 027

the pieces on the back walls of the cabinets.  They fit

Project 031

nice and nailing, no gluing.  And...

One piece after another...until

Project 025

each cabinet in the front two slides was finished.  This cabinet got a back piece and a side piece since it was the outside end of the slide.

Today, we had to return to Home Depot for another sheet of insulation and will tackle the back cabinets.

Now, if you are interested...this project's cost was:

$20 for 2 sheets of foam insulation

$8 for 2 cans of spray adhesive

$11 for the carpet

What a great job.  And much better that the foil idea!  Now, with the added insulation, it has to help keep out a little more heat and cold.

We figured it certainly can't hurt!


  1. Gooid idea and with Mark's expertise it looks good`too and very professional

  2. Might even make it quieter? Looks good.

  3. Great idea!!! Thanks for the pictures showing the process and finished product. Very nice looking.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. You guys have come up with a good idea! Too bad you can't patent it!

  5. Very nice solution to a big problem... looks like a really professional job!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard