Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking a Look Back

I am not sure what has happened to this last week. It was just Wednesday when we last visited and now it is Thursday,a week later. I can't believe, not only have I not blogged, I haven't even had time to get in the chat room with my rv dreams friends.

We had such a fun weeek in Kerrville with all of the kids, both young and old. So, I am going to go back in time with just a brief flashback to this last week. Buckhorn Lake RV Park was far from being full. That in itself made it nice. The kids could get out and ride bikes and play without fear of alot of cars, rv's and such. Most days the kids had the pool to themselves. The cottage was nice, but could have been a little larger, especially with 2 babies and all the stuff they need. But, they made it.

On Friday, we shopped in Fredericksburg. On Saturday, we went to Enchanted Rock State Park on Saturday and that is always fun. That evening we cooked out and celebrated a late father's day and June birthdays. We made some homemade ice cream and just enjoyed our last evening together.

All of the kids, except my three travelers, left on Sunday for Fort Worth. We stayed over for one more day and night. Sunday afternoon we drove over to Lost Maples State Park. There wasn't much to see there, but it was a nice drive. We also stopped in at Love Creek Orchards in Medina. I picked up some little scrubbies I like to use for washing pots and pans. However, I resisted the 4lb apple pie. When we returned to Kerrville, I tried to blog, but had trouble with the internet and gave that up. So, we just started to get things put away and ready to travel on Monday. We got an early start on Monday and arrived back in Fort Worth early afternoon. We started right in getting all of the grand kids things out of the motor home and sorted out into stacks for pickup later in the day. By the time all of that was done, we were just catching our breath and then it was time to be off to Zachary's first basketball game.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent getting things put away and catching up on the washing. Today, I have been helping Karen get ready for Kourtney's first birthday party on Saturday. Now, that I feel a little caught up, I will end this with just a few of my favorite pictures from last week. Well, maybe a few more than a few. Hope you aren't bored looking at all of the pictures of our fun times in Kerrville.

A little acrobatics in the pool

These two ducks came to the RV every morning, afternoon, and evening looking for something to eat. Jennifer and Caden are feeding them this time.

Hey, little boy, come back with our crackers!

All five grand kids in the pool

Andrew found this cool lawnmower. He wanted Poppa to ask the RV Park if he could have a job mowing.

Hey, anyone need a ride...we are off to Fredericksburg to go shopping.

Zachary and Lauren getting money for the wishing well.

Kate and Zachary taking a shopping break

So, this is shopping?

My three travelers ready to climb the Enchanted Rock

What a chair!

Mom...I told you just keep on walking

Lauren is practicing her yoga pose
Yeah, finally to the top of the rock

The view from the top of Enchanted Rock

Which way down?

Who chose this trail?

I think we are on the right trail now.

Down at last!

This is the last day of our trip, just Poppa and his three travelers...but he has started something. And, with this vacation, his two newest travelers were real troopers and we will be looking forward to the next time of "on the road again with Poppa."

Kourtney loved her lawn chair...and

Caden is practicing...being a new member of the RV Dreams crew...

So long for now from Poppa and his five travelers!


  1. Everybody looked like they had a FANTASTIC time. What great memories for the grandkids.


  2. I have never been to enchanted rock. I don't know that I would venture to the top anyway. Looks like everyone had a good time and I know you two are tired.

    Joe and Sherri