Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First Birthday

Happy Birthday Kourtney...we love you
Moppa and Poppa

Today I am 1 year old

This is me with my mom and dad and they have planned a really big day for me this is a birthday party...about 60 of my family and friends came to share this special day

What a pretty dress

Please, can someone tell me...
Who this card is from?

Thanks Great MiMi for these neat sunglasses.

This is my cousin Kyle. He is trying to smash my pretty butterfly. They told me it was full of candy and that is what you are suppose to do.

So....there really was candy in that butterfly?

This is my birthday cake. It was a giant cupcake. Moppa helped my mom make it.

This cake is delicious!

This is my cousin Andrew. He took all the kids riding on his Kubota. They had a great time at my party. Wow, I even see Aunt J riding with them.

Thanks everyone for coming to my party...I had a great 1st birthday!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kourtney! You sure are a cutie and it looks like you got lots and lots of gifts!