Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Day Of Rest

I can't believe that a week has pasted since I last posted. As hard as I tried to practice "one day at a time", I am not sure where my days went. Isn't it funny, when you are wanting the days to pass by quickly, they don't, but when you are trying to get things accomplished, the days just fly by.

Needless to say, it seems that it is always busy around here. This last week has been filled with babies, painting, roofers, doctor's appointments, yard work, laundry, and a lot of hot weather.

I am envious of all of you that are in a cooler climate. Here in Texas, we have had triple digit temperatures and seems like there is more on tap for next week. I hate that there was a tropical storm in the gulf, but if there had to be one, I wish it could have sent a little rain this way. It is very dry here. Well, it is Texas, and we still have to make it through the month of August before we can think about cooler weather.

We finally got the roof on the house replaced from the spring storms. The roofers came this last week and three days later they were finished, but the new roof looks really good. I am just glad I was not one of those guys on the roof. The heat didn't seem to bother them.

I got a few book orders painted and shipped, but still have about four more to get out this week. With the heat Karen and I have just tried to entertain babies in the house. They get to go outside early in the morning, but by 9:00 it is too hot. By the time it cools off in the evening, it is their bedtime. I feel sorry for them, they both love to be outside.

On Friday, Mark and I took a day trip to Camping World. You know, you always can kick around there and find something useful. This time we came away with a sewer extension and a much needed new atlas.

Oh yes, and on top of everything else, our PC crashed this week. So, Mark and I spend two days out and about looking at new computers. We were first going to replace the PC, but decided that with us being on the road, it would be nice to have another laptop so we would both have one. We had lots of input from everyone. But, we thought about what Jim and Chris said about laptops regarding the memory, hard drive, and processor. We narrowed our search and ended up with a Toshiba A-305.

We purchased it on Friday night at Best Buy. We decided to let them load some extras on it, so it would be ready for pick up on Saturday around 1:00. I had a hair cut appointment, so afterwards I went to pick it up. Yeah, they were just getting through with it when I got there. I was so excited, got it home, unpacked it, turned it on, and..........first thing I see...2 dead pixels. Okay, it finishes loading, but there is some big fat error message right in middle of my beautiful new screen. So, back in the box it went and back to Best Buy I went. Once at Best Buy I proceed to be nice, but let them know I am not a happy camper. The geek squad man tells me it is okay, he will get me a new computer. Well, I expect nothing less. However, it will be another four hours before I can pick it up. But, at least I get it back on the same day.

We came back home, did a few things around here and decided that we would use a dinner gift card that the kids had given us. So, we were off. We had a great dinner and then stopped and picked up the computer. We got it home and out of the box, and spent the rest of evening working on getting it set up. Plus, I worked on the other laptop cleaned it up a little, signed Mark up for his own email, and made him his own home page.

Then, while I was finishing up on the new one, he got on chat. He did really good. I am so glad. Now, he may not chat a lot, but at least he can read along and not have to keep asking me who's there, what or ya'll talking about? So, if you see Bud on chat, please talk to him, just remember he might not answer you.

After this hectic week, we are now to Sunday, the day of rest. We went to church this morning and then came home. It is too hot to think about doing anything outside, so we have just been playing on the computers some more. Mark on his new (old) one and me on my brand new one. LOL!

Mark is now watching the travel channel where he is enjoying Mount Rainer. I am thinking about the need to go buy some groceries, but it is so hot, that chore might have to wait. In the meantime, I think I might make this a real day of rest and take a nap.

So, until next time, I wish you all a good week and safe travels wherever you are.


  1. Sure good to hear from you. I love the blogs. See ya in chat.

  2. Hey good for Mark I know he is glad to get his own puter. Hey bud if you read this we can chat and you wont have to pay any attention to any other chatters. Sherri said she side bared you last night so now you know how to do that. You always wanted to be a geek and now you is one.