Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Progress

We were up early this morning knowing that there was the a good possibility that we would be moved to a full hookup site. So, by 7:00 a.m. we were up, showered, dressed and had had breakfast.

Mark left to go to the parts center to purchase a knob and a handle

for our new file cabinet/end table that we had made before we left Fort Worth.

I then started in with some filing that I had let pile up and had almost finished when two of the service techs knocked on the door. They were here to see what they could accomplish on the "things to do list"

they took the microwave oven and

then they took TV.

It wasn't long until Nancy called from the office to let us know she had a full hook up site for us. We were assigned to one site, but asked if we could wait on Site #76 because that would allow us to park

right beside Ellie and Jim and

right behind Glynn and Sylvia.

Wow, if you have to be in Red Bay for service work, how nice it is to be parked with friends.

We settled in to our home site. That meaning, now the service techs will know just where to find us each day. So now, we now we just waiting on Norris to come and work us into the schedule for the rest of the work. So while we waited...
We decided to get with Jim and Ellie and make a plan or two. Our computers were humming, the map pages were turning, and the phone lines were busy as we began to make plans for our summer/fall trip. After all was said and done, we have a plan! We will meet up with them late June in Custer, SD...then on to Montana to see Mike and Jana...down to Yellowstone...then off to Idaho...and up to Washington. These places have such a busy summer season, we decided we needed to lock in some RV parks so the jello doesn't wiggle too much. LOL What happens from there will be decided in the next planning session.

However, all that planning made us really hungry, so we loaded up an went to the local Mexican Food Cafe for a great dinner. We are all now settled in and we will just have to wait until morning to see if the progress continues.


  1. Jeeze Dortha I didn't know you were having a gathering in Red Bay or we would have come. When do I get to see the finished reno from home thanks for leaving me hanging lol.

    Miss you

  2. Glad to see all that jello getting used by you, John & Brenda, and Joe & Sherri. LOL The hot tub was good again last night. Enjoy all that Red Bay fun

    Rollie & Gina