Saturday, April 18, 2009

Repairs and Remodels

Hello once again from Red Bay, Alabama. Before I get to the remodeling update in Texas, I will give you the report from here at the service center in Red Bay.

We now have our TV and microwave back from service. Both are working great. The microwave had some thermo something or another go out, so they replaced it. I gave it a good workout cooking baked potatoes and so far so good. Now, the video cable that we thought was the problem for the TV turned out to be a bad circuit board in the they say. I guess we will just have to wait and see, but for now, it is working great. With those items scratched off the, we just wait our turn to get into a service bay. Hopefully our number will come up by mid week, even though they told us it could be 3 weeks.

We knew they wouldn't call us yesterday, so to pass the time away we decided to head out for a day of shopping. So, we loaded up with Ellie, Jim, Glynn, and Sylvia and made our way over to Florence, Alabama to the mall. But, everyone knows you can't shop on an empty stomach, so we made a stop at Applebee's.
Now, with full stomachs, shopping was next, and the first stop was Best Buy. I needed a camera case for my new little camera so it wouldn't get scratched while carrying it around in my purse. Sylvia also needed a camera case for her big camera. While we made our purchases, Ellie shopped around looking a computers and wii games. Okay, mission accomplished...let's head on across the street to the mall. The guys shopped at Sear's tool department while Ellie, Sylvia, and I shopped where else, but in the clothes sections of Dillards, Belk's, and Penney's. We each left the mall with a bag or two. We still needed to make a stop at Home, I thought we would never get those guys out of there! By this time, it is time for us to make our way back to Red Bay. However, we decided it would be a nice treat to stop for an ice cream cone on the way out of town. Yummy, that just hit the spot. Once we were back in Red Bay, we sat around and visited, enjoying the last of the sunshine for a few days as we are expecting an overcast rainy weekend. But, what a nice finish to a fun day with friends.

Today is Saturday and no service work, so the guys decided to do some servicing of their own. They replaced the anode rod in the hot water heaters. Ellie worked on cleaning their car, inside and out. I didn't do much, but pick up inside the coach and get a grocery list together as this is my night to cook. Sylvia was busy getting their things together to make an overnight trip to their son's house in Huntsville. And, it is looking more like rain as the day goes on.

Now, for those of you that thought I left you hanging on to the progress of the remodeling going one back in Texas...Karen sends a few new pictures.

Painting is finished...carpet is, we just need that new couch
The completed entry with the new wood floor
The new ceiling fan

The new doors for the hallway...bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms

This is the new door to the office...Looks as if Kourtney is wondering...where does this door go?

Today, they are delivering the new couch. Maybe I will get some pictures later today.

Everything is looking great did a good job. Dad says, maybe he will repo it now that all the work is done. LOL...I said, no way, this 40' is all I want to take care of!


  1. Looking good at both houses...both getting fixed up. You could be there 3 weeks??? That means when you leave I will only have 3 weeks left! Good luck

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Great pictures of the house, they're doing quite well. Three weeks, yikes, talk about hitchitch!!