Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reunion At Camp Red Bay

Last night we spent the night in Philadelphia, Mississippi at the Golden Moon Casino. John and Bridget drove up from Jackson to meet us. We went to the casino for the buffet dinner. John assured me that the food points were 2 for 1 last night. LOL I did pass on the bread pudding! After dinner we each choose a few slot machines in which we each left a small contribution to the benefit of the casino. Maybe I will get back there sometime to reclaim it. We did have a free RV site for the night, so I guess it was an even trade. Bottom line...we had a great visit with John and Bridget. As always, our visit was over way too soon, and it was time to say our "see you laters". We can't wait for them to sell their house and John to retire from his local fire department so they can make some trips with us.

After our late night visit, this morning came quickly, and we were up and making plans for our leg into Red Bay. But, oh, no....it didn't go real smooth. Mark started the generator so we could have electricity. First we turned on the heat to take the chill out, then he started to make his coffee, but the coffee maker had died. Oh no....no coffee for him is worse than no Diet Dr. Pepper for me. LOL After some mumbling from under his breath, he decided he would heat the water in the microwave for some coffee, and it was at that point that he decided that the generator had never really kicked in. After checking several places, he found that something had tripped the breaker for the generator. Now, with that fixed, he took a deep breath, had his make shift coffee and we started our journey to Red Bay. Thank goodness, it was totally uneventful.

I am not sure what these flowers are, but they grow all along the Mississippi highways like our bluebonnets do in Texas

We arrived in Red Bay around noon only to find out that the park was full and that we would have to go to the overflow area known as the "runway". We parked, got our list of repairs, warranty items, etc. ready to turn in, had hugs from Jim and Ellie, and made plans to go to Subway for a sandwich. By the time we got back from Subway, the office called and said they had temporary site, water and electricity only, for us and that by tomorrow they should have a site with full hookups ready available for us. Okay, water and electric is better than nothing on the runway.....so we moved. Afterwards, we piled in the car with Jim and Ellie and went to the Walmart in Russelville, about 20 miles, to get a few groceries and Mark a new coffee pot. Ellie and I also found the new Hungry Girl cookbook.

We returned to Camp Red Bay to settle in for the evening. We are having dinner at Jim and Ellie's along with Glynn and Sylvia who are also here at Camp Red Bay having warranty work done. The six of us are really going to have to stop meeting at this place. But, then, when you consider that the campsites are "free" while you are here having work done, maybe it is a good place to meet.
Tomorrow we will wait for Norris to come by to review our list of concerns and schedule us for a service bay and we will just have to see if that "full hookup site" becomes available. In the meantime, there is not much to do, except sit back and enjoy Camp Red Bay! Stay tuned for how the few days or weeks turn out.

Our temporary site at Camp Red Bay

And we are behind all of these folks...and we are all waiting our turn to

get in one of these bays

And, that is life at Camp Red Bay!


  1. Dortha and Mark,
    Glad you arrived safely at Camp Red Bay, well, after that coffee pot scare.

    The red flowers are Crimson Clover. We had miles and miles of it in Arkansas.

    Enjoy your stay.
    Hugs, Karon

  2. OK so your safely tuck away in Red Bay...LOL Good to see you are there and have a place to park. We have to take our RV in for maint. on a few items...hope we don't have to stay there too long. They do have full hook ups but I don't really want to have to drive the extra miles into work while that is being done...but then what ever will be will be. Stay safe and have fun.

    Joe and Sherri