Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mark's New Venture, The Solution


the UPS truck arrived with

these boxes. Inside, is the product for Mark's new venture.

He is now a distributor for a product called, "The Solution"
This is a waterless wash product with polymers and UV protection. You just spray it on any solid surface, wipe it off, and buff. It is for use on RV's, trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, and ATV's. The Solution is non-toxic and can be used in any weather. A gallon will do a 40' RV five times end to end. The solution can also be used inside on mirrors, windows, showers, counters, and TV's.
It will sell for $18.00/quart or $40.00/gallon, plus shipping.


  1. This is a great product. We use it on everything. Cleans windows and mirrors with no streaks and keeps the Motorhome gleaming with a lot less work than waxing. And the more you use it the easier it seems to be to keep it clean. Especially those front caps that are prone to gathering every bug, butterfly, and bee that is within a mile of the highway

  2. OK I would like some of this but I need to know how much more it would be for you to apply it to the RV???


  3. Good for you. I hope it works out and will be interested to see how it goes.

    Randy and Pam