Friday, April 3, 2009

A Slow Go

Day number two and three have been kind of slow. Bob and gang ran into a little more work on the entry and hallway floor than he had expected. It seems that when we built the house some 35 years ago, this area was not properly prepared for the tile. Guess they thought it would never be removed. Oh, well.

This is the way it looks before the fix

This is the way it looks after Bob filled it and leveled it. Now it is ready for the new wood floor.

Like the title indicates, it has been a "slow go" for the last couple of days. Other than working on the floor, Robbie did a little sheetrock repairs, etc. Then today, they only worked for the morning to finish up the floor before Bob got sick and had to leave. They will return tomorrow, hopefully for a full day. So, that takes care of the remodeling update for today. Hopefully, I will have more pictures then.


  1. That is Bob the Builder correct?


  2. I know you'll get to a point where you can leave soon...I hope next week goes better for the remodeling project!

    See you soon, we're keeping the lights on for you!