Friday, September 11, 2009

Beaches and Mountains

We spent the morning here at the RV Park.  Which by the way is one to put on the list.  The

Ocean Shores, WA 001

sites are nice, level, and long.  We were right across the road from the

Ocean Shores, WA 004

club house and laundry.  The

Ocean Shores, WA 002

Hoquiam River runs right beside the park.  There is

Ocean Shores, WA 007

plenty of room along the bank to sit out and enjoy the river.  Maybe even have lunch at one of the picnic tables.

While we were home today, I decided to get my ironing done before it is time to to the laundry again.  Deb made a blackberry cobbler this morning with the wild blackberries Ellie gathered while we were in Forks.  We enjoyed that after lunch today.

We then loaded in the Jeep and took off for Ocean Shores.  This trip had a two fold purpose.  First, we wanted to take a walk

Ocean Shores, WA 034

at the beach.  The waves

Ocean Shores, WA 037

were really high and the

Ocean Shores, WA 011

tide was coming in, but the beach was beautiful.  I wish I had taken my lawn chair.

I am not sure I will ever get use to seeing

Ocean Shores, WA 013

mountains with snow on them while standing on the beach!

We did a little shopping while in town.  Then we made our way to

Ocean Shores, WA 028

the Quinault Casino for the evening of entertainment.  Some winners….some losers, but we all had fun.  We called it an early evening because tomorrow is a early travel day.  There is a parade in town and the RV Park manager told us they would have the streets blocked by 9 am. so we should plan to be through town before that.

Our destination is Kelso, Washington to the Brookhollow RV Park.  I hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you from Kelso.

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  1. Hi Guys, I am in an area where the internet service is so slow I have had a hard time getting on... Had to read several of your post to catch up... Looks like you all are having fun and I sure made note of the campgrounds you have visited... Your pictures are great too! Thanks for all the great info. I am sure it will help us next fall. Thanks... Have fun!

    Travel Safe