Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Newport South for One Last Look…

Today, again was cold and rainy, and at times it was pouring which kept us homebound for the morning.  When it finally began to clear around noon, we decided to make a plan for the afternoon.  First, it was a quick trip to historic downtown Newport where we needed to exchange a jacket we purchased yesterday. While in Newport, we walked out to

South Beach State Park, OR 071

watch the sea lions.  Some were sunning on the docks while others

South Beach State Park, OR 074

chose the rocks out in the bay.  And unlike the inactivity yesterday, today the harbors and bays

South Beach State Park, OR 064

seemed to be back to business.

From here we decided to head South on Hwy 101.  What a beautiful drive it was.

  Now, I know you are probably thinking…oh no, more rocks, but, I just don’t think I could ever get enough

South Beach State Park, OR 080

of the rocks and the waves.

South Beach State Park, OR 041

Looks like the rain is coming back…Guess, we better get on our way to

South Beach State Park - Mark 062 (38)

Boiler Bay.  This was a stop to really enjoy the rocks and waves.  Then it was on to

South Beach State Park, OR 129

Devil’s Churn which is also known for the

South Beach State Park, OR 118

crashing waves.  WOW

Now…what is so amazing about this coastline is that you go five miles down the road and you go from the crashing waves to

South Beach State Park, OR 152

a beach that is totally calm.  This is the home of the

South Beach State Park - Mark 062 (46)

Heceta Point Lighthouse. While standing on the beach below you can also see

South Beach State Park, OR 153

the Hwy 101 bridge.  We continued on around the bend and stopped to get a backwards look

South Beach State Park, OR 166

at the lighthouse.  We could hear the sea lions, but didn’t see them.  We looked down and, there they were

South Beach State Park, OR 165

right under us on the cliffs and rocks far below.

A little farther down the road we came to the town of Florence.  It is here that the coastline changes once again and begins an area known

South Beach State Park, OR 180

as the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which extends on down almost to Coos Bay.

We drove out a few miles from Florence to check out a couple of state parks and RV Parks for Rod and Deb.  The state parks weren’t a good choice, but, we found a couple of possibilities for RV Parks.  It was here we turned around and headed back the almost 50 miles to Newport.

On the way back to Newport

South Beach State Park, OR 185  the sky began to darken and it wasn’t long until the rain returned.  However, by the time we reached Newport, the rain had let up and we stopped at

South Beach State Park, OR 188

this little market for dinner.  We enjoyed

South Beach State Park, OR 191

an order of steamers while we waited on our chowder and fish and chips.  Thanks Rod and Deb…what a treat!

We returned to the RV Park and decided to take a quick walk down to the beach before dark.  When we got to the trail, we noticed this sign…

South Beach State Park, OR 193

We later learned that earlier today there was an earthquake in the South Pacific.  I wonder is that is what prompted this notice?

We made our walk on to the beach and this was

South Beach State Park, OR 207

sun setting on yet another great and unforgettable adventure.

Tomorrow Mark and I will be saying good-bye to the Oregon coast.  We will travel over to I-5 where we head South.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be making our way back to Texas where we are looking forward to spending time with family.


  1. Great shots! We hope to see that part of the country one day.

    Like new header photo!

    Take care,
    Randy and Pam

  2. Maybe we will see ya then. We will be in Kerrville next week visiting with some Dreamers and then we head out west to Sweetwater. We will be there for the week.

  3. Travel safe guys, we're going to miss you...

    Debbie & Rod

  4. Love the sound of the ocean waves hitting the beach...great idea to add to your playlist!

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your travels. What a fun time you're had with Rod and Debbie. Be safe!