Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traveling On

This morning came early.  In fact, we were up at 5:30 getting ready to travel.  We still had several things to put away plus I wanted to get dinner in the crock pot before we left.  We had signed up with the office to get propane before leaving so we had to be unhooked and in line before 9:00.

  Well, with all of that accomplished, we pulled out of the RV Park for a big travel day.  LOL…our total mileage today was less than 100 miles.

As we left this morning the

Forks, WA 004

clouds were hanging low across the mountains.   We made one last trip through busy

Forks, WA 006

Port Angeles.  As confirmed by Street and Trips, we made our turn on

Forks, WA 008

Hwy 101 and were on our way to Fork 101 RV Park.

We passed by

Forks, WA 029

Crescent Lake which was just like glass this morning.  And imagine

Forks, WA 038

these folks get to enjoy it everyday.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and Jim

Forks, WA 034

being the leader today lead us right on to Forks.  We arrived at

Forks, WA 065

the RV Park.  And, from the looks of the sign, I am glad we had reservations.  However, come to find out they had about 5 inches of rain yesterday and some of the sites were flooded.  The campground hosts were holding 3 spaces for us up front.


Forks, WA 059

parked and set up.  I made

Forks, WA 061

chicken salad for lunch while we were waiting on

Forks, WA 063

Deb and Rod to arrive.  Jim is telling her welcome…but come on to lunch!

After lunch, we headed out for a drive into

Forks, WA 077

Olympic National Park to find

Forks, WA 135

the beach and the

Forks, WA 082

Pacific Ocean.

According to Deb, the Washington beaches are all rocks no sand.  Plus, this one had  lots of

Forks, WA 132

dead tress and driftwood on the beach.  Some of the trees were

Forks, WA 083

really big, especially

Forks, WA - Mark 022

this one!  Okay enough of the trees…I can’t wait to

Forks, WA - Mark 014

get my feet in the water.  And, yes it was cold.  While I was playing in the water,

Forks, WA - Mark 086

Ellie was enjoying the view and Jim and Mark were trying to see who capture the

Forks, WA - Mark 055

biggest wave.  They were all pretty awesome and as the

Forks, WA 081

sign indicated…the sea makes its own rules.

Rod found himself

Forks, WA - Mark 082  a front row seat while Deb was off walking on the beach.

Too soon it was time to head back to Forks, but not before

Forks, WA 127

I got one last picture.  I am looking forward to spending more time on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean as we travel the coastline over the next few weeks.

See you tomorrow from the Hoh Rainforest.


  1. When are you planning to be in the area around Newport OR?? Looks like you are having a great trip thru the state of Washington.
    Jenny J

  2. The fun never seems to end for you all.. What a life!!

  3. Lovely pictures of the sea and driftwood. Thanks.
    It is great that you are all together to enjoy it.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX