Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where’s The Cheese?

With a plan in place, Mark and I along with Rod and Deb, Jim, Ellie and the fur kids, started out for Hood River and The Fruit Loop.

Our first stop was

The Fruit Loop 002

The White House.  We found

The Fruit Loop 007


The Fruit Loop 005 The Fruit Loop 006

flowers, and

The Fruit Loop 016

a beautiful vineyard.  Ellie did a wine tasting here and selected a couple of bottles she really liked.

From this location we had another great view

The Fruit Loop 010

of Mt. Hood.

Then it was off to the next stop, which was

The Fruit Loop 017

We stopped here

The Fruit Loop 018

looking for peaches, but only found

The Fruit Loop 020

more apples, jellies, and more wines.  Ellie, Deb, and I all found some we liked.   Still in pursuit of those peaches, we were off to

The Fruit Loop 022

Packer Orchards.  Here we hit the jackpot…not only did I find peaches, but we found

The Fruit Loop 025

homemade cookies and pies.

And…for you Andrew and Caden, Pop

The Fruit Loop 024

found this tractor!

Time to head on around the loop to the

The Fruit Loop 027

next wine tasting adventure.  Ellie and Rod were really into the tasting here.  I didn’t taste one thing I liked, so it was outside for a few pictures of

The Fruit Loop 038

the vineyards and

The Fruit Loop 040

the flowers.

We all decided after this stop, it was time for lunch.  We drove into Hood River and chose the

The Fruit Loop 046

Big Horse Brew Pub.  Lunch was outstanding…our choices ranged from fish and chips, burgers, fish tacos, clam chowder, sandwiches, and sweet potato fries.

After spending

The Fruit Loop 049

who knows how much time here, we were on the road to

The Fruit Loop 055

yet another vineyard and winery.  This one was advertised as the oldest one in Hood River.  While the others were inside tasting…outside, I found this old

The Fruit Loop 058

wine press.  I also wandered through

The Fruit Loop 059

the vineyards and the

The Fruit Loop 012


The country side is so beautiful…you just can’t get

The Fruit Loop 069

enough of the sights and the

The Fruit Loop 053

the smells.

There was still another winery on the list.  This was

The Fruit Loop 074

the back porch outside the tasting room.  And the

The Fruit Loop 076

this was the path that led down to the vineyards.  As we were leaving, I saw this

The Fruit Loop 088

llama that was also taking in all the sights.

Now, with our fruits and wine, it was time to head back to Troutdale…the only thing missing was the cheese, but, I guess that will have to wait until we get to Tillamook, and that is an adventure for another day.

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