Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Rainy Adventure

The rain came sometime in the night and was still raining when we got up. It continued to rain, but we only had Wednesday for the day trip we planned. So the rain wasn’t going to stop us.

A little before 11:00 we left for an early lunch at the local Chinese Restaurant. Afterwards we started out for what would be an appropriate adventure for a rainy day…and that was to

Hoh Rain Forest 018 The Hoh Rain Forest which was located only about 12 miles out of Forks. However, when we traveled the 12 miles and turned on

Hoh Rain Forest 002 to the road to the park, we found the it was another 12 miles to the park entrance. Along the way we stopped to look at

Hoh Rain Forest 007 the river….

Hoh Rain Forest 024 the elk…and

Hoh Rain Forest 022

a really big tree. We finally made it to

Hoh Rain Forest 028

the visitor center. We stopped in to get our passport books stamped and then

Hoh Rain Forest 041

adorned in our raingear and camera covered, we hit the trails.

As we walked along

Hoh Rain Forest 037

the trails,

Hoh Rain Forest 053

under the trees,

Hoh Rain Forest 067

up the stairs, and

Hoh Rain Forest 093

across the bridges as we enjoyed the walk in the rain.

We walked through

Hoh Rain Forest 045

the Maple Grove Hoh Rain Forest 044

with lots of trees and ferns. We ventured on

Hoh Rain Forest 050

through the Hall of Mosses and saw

Hoh Rain Forest 057

trees with moss from top to bottom.

We saw some really pretty

Hoh Rain Forest 065

ferns and

Hoh Rain Forest 085

trees that you could almost walk through.

On our way out of the forest, I saw the

Hoh Rain Forest 101

perfect Christmas Tree and then

Hoh Rain Forest 102

there was this tree which has toppled over and what you see here is the entire root system which has become the home of all these ferns.

After finishing our trip through the rain forest, we headed on down Hwy 101 to find what is claimed to be the

Hoh Rain Forest 121

largest Western Red Cedar Tree in the world. These are the

Hoh Rain Forest 123


Well, what a great day we had playing in the rain.

We have finished our stay in Forks and today we are making our way another 100 miles to Hoquiam, Washington.

See you from the beach.

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