Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Hoquiam to Kelso…

It was early this morning when we left Hoquiam, but we needed to get out of town before the parade route  shut down the town down for the day.  And, yes, Rod and Deb were up early too and ready to travel.

The trip was only about 100 miles and it seemed liked 90 of it was

Kelso, WA 013

through this fog.  I was hoping for a picture of Mt. Rainier, but no luck today.  However, with a little help from the internet,

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this is what I was suppose to see.  Maybe next trip.

By the time we arrived at Brook Hollow RV Park, the weather had cleared and it promised to be a beautiful afternoon.  In fact, the

Kelso, WA 026

the guys spent most of the afternoon outside watching football.  Rod grilled Halibut for dinner and Deb, Ellie, and I put the rice, salad, veggies, and dessert together.  The chill in the night air finally sent everyone home for the evening.

Tomorrow, well, I guess we will see what happens.

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